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Taking a Time Out
I took some time out, a much needed vacation to the middle of nowhere Kansas to spend time with my husband, watching Cheaters, cutting out patterns, and [...]
TFW 2016 Announcement
  Yesterday the announcement was made for the dates of next year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend. And now the ball starts rolling! Big plans are in [...]
60 Minute Makeup – Patient Zero
60 Minute Makeup – Patient Zero
60 Minute Makeup #1
60 Minute Makeup #1
Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015 (Phantasm Weekend)
This years Texas Frightmare Weekend was a complete dream come true for me. The Phantasm reunion was ultimate gift I could have given myself for my hard [...]
Welcome Back
I had to let the old site go mainly for medical reasons. ¬†All my stories and posts are gone, as I didn’t back any of it up, so I will have to start [...]